This article illustrates how to synchronize your Zimbra account with a MAC OS X user's iCal and Address Book contacts using the iSync connector found within the Zimbra Administration Console.

Instructions for the Administration Console:

1. Log into your Zimbra Administration Console at

2. Once logged in, Click on the Downloads link located in the upper right-hand corner of the ZAC. Located under Downloads for End Users, choose the appropriate Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync. Clicking the link will begin the download of the connector.

Instructions for End User using Zimbra Collaboration Suit:

1. The end user can now run the newly downloaded iSync connector. Select the iSync download and follow the installation instructions.

2. Once installed, The Zimbra Connector should automatically appear for configuring. However, if it does not auto start, simply click on the Apple Mac Symbol found on your top navigation bar and select System Preferences. You will see the Zimbra Icon under the "Other" category.

3. Now the Zimbra Connector is ready for configuration. You can now fill in he proper information to synchronize Zimbra with iCal and Address Book.

Description: Name of Account
Select "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)". This will set the port to 443.
User Name: User's Full Email Address.
Password: The associated password for the User's Zimbra account.

4. Once you have completed configuring the iSync Connector account, it's time to synchronize your contacts and calendar. Select Sync.

5. Select the "Synchronize" drop down and select how often iCal and Address Book will synchronize and select the check box next to Contacts and Calendar.

6. Once you have have finished configuring the Sync settings, click Sync Now to complete the setup process.