To create a distribution list using the Zimbra Administration Console, please refer to the following steps

1. Login to your Zimbra Control Panel, at, as the administrator.

2. Under the Manage Accounts tab, select the New drop down arrow then Distribution List.

3. Select the Members tab and fill out all required fields.

  • List Name: Email address of the distribution list.
  • Display Name: Name of the distribution list.
  • Can receive mail: By default, this box is selected.
  • List Members: This field will show all members that have been added to the Distribution List.

4. Under Add Members to this list, click the Search key to populate all email addresses located in your Global Address List. Highlight all recipients you wish to add to the distribution list, and click Add.

5. Once all designated recipients have been added to the Distribution List, select Save located at the top left of the screen.