The Zimbra assistant allows you to perform common tasks with keyboard shortcuts. With the Zimbra Assistant you can perform the following functions.

* Create a new appointment

* Go to a specific date in your calendar

* Create New contacts

* Send a new Email message without changing the application you are currently using. 

For specific instructions on this, please see below.

1. Using a web browser, navigate to and log into the desired mailbox. 

2. On your keyboard, hit the key `(back quote) or ~(tilde) key to open the assistant. The following prompt will come up.

3. Enter one of the following commands. More commands can be seen by clicking in Help

* Type appointment. From here you can insert the Subject, Time (in "month/day/year" format), location, notes. If you would like more advanced settings, click on More Details.

* Type calendar. Type the date (in "month/day/year" format) and press OK to jump to a certain date in you calendar.

* Type contact. Enter in the contact information and press OK. If you would like to enter more details, click More details.

* Type mail. From here you can compose a message with out opening the compose window.