Are you migrating from a previous ZWC account? The instructions provided in this article will take you step by step on how to Export your old items and Import them into the newly created ZWC account.

Export Items

1. Using a web browser, navigate to and log into the desired mailbox. 

2. Select the Preferences tap.

3. Select, Import/Export.

3. Under Export, Check the Advanced Settings box and confirm all Data Types are checked that you would like to Export. When completed, click on Export in the bottom right hand corner.

4. You will now be prompted to save the file locally to your computer. Choosing Save File will save it to your default downloads section.

Now that you have Exported everything off your old ZWC Account, you will need to Import the folder that you have saved to your Desktop onto your New Zimbra profile created with us.

Import Items

1. Select the Preferences tap.

2. Select, Import/Export.

3. To import your .tgz file, you will first need to Browse to your file is located. Once you have selected it, you will see your selection to the right of the browse button. Next, make sure select the Radial button, for Resolve duplicates, to Replace Duplicates. Lastly, check the advanced Settings box to confirm all Data Types have been selected.

4. Selecting the Import button will begin your import. You will receive an Informational pop-up window stating the import Succeeded, letting you know the import was a success. Click OK to finish the import process.