The following is the list of Zimlets that are currently installed and available for use in the Zimbra Web Client.

Archive – Archives emails in the inbox by date.

Appointment Summary – Sends a daily email with a summary of appointments for that day.

Attach Contacts – Allows the attaching of contacts when composing a new message.

Email Attacher – Allows the attaching of email messages when composing a new message.

Blog to Signature – Converts company blog posts into email signatures to help promote products and services.

Collector – Collects contacts by dragging-and-dropping email conversations and messages.

Contact Organizer – Helps organizing, moving, deleting, tagging, and filing all (or a specified set of) contacts.

Date – Highlights dates, previews associated appointments, and creates a link to the calendar.

Drag-and-Drop Attachments – Provides the ability to drag-and-drop file attachments when composing an email message.

Email – Highlights and previews associated contact details for an email address.

Email2Doc – Allows the dragging-and-dropping of an email message to save it as a Document page.

Email Downloader – Allows drag-and-drop to download one or more emails (.eml), contacts (.vcf), or appointments (.ics) to your computer.

Email Templates – Allows users to insert email templates.

GTranslator – Translates emails into more than 2500 combinations of languages using Google’s language translation service.

LinkedIn – Hooks on to email Zimlet; shows LinkedIn search results for a given email.

Yahoo! Local – Uses Yahoo! Local to find businesses and services near you.

Multi-Timezones – Displays multiple timezones in the calendar scheduler.

Phone – Highlights phone numbers to enable Skype calls.

Zimbra Social – Access social services like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and TweetMe.

Search Highlights – Highlights search terms in yellow after an email search.

StickyNotes – Adds a sticky note to email messages.

Tracking – Find shipping information for FedEx and UPS using the tracking number.

Undo Send – Provides the option to cancel or undo mail send for a few seconds.

URL Links – Highlights Web URLs for linking in email messages.

WebEx – Provides easy schedule, start, or join WebEx meeting capabilities.

Yahoo! Emoticons – Displays Yahoo! Emoticons images in email messages.