If another user has shared their contact list or address book with you, and you did not receive an acceptance e-mail, it is possible to open this contact list using the Zimbra Web Client. The following article contains instructions on how to open a shared Address Book.

1. Using a web browser, navigate to https://mail.zimbraservice.com and log into the desired mailbox.

2. Click on the Address Book Tab.

3. Select Find Shares, located within the Address Book folder list.

4. When the Add Shared Folder window opens, type in the E-mail Address of the user who has shared their contacts with you, in the Find Shares field.

5. Once you have selected Add, You will see the contact list that has been shared with you. Accept the Address Book, shared with you by choosing Yes.

6. The shared contact list should appear under the Address Book Folder List. If you do not see the list, click on the Contacts button and choose Include Shared Items.