This article will show you how to configure the Zimbra Desktop client to synchronize with your Zimbra mailbox hosted by First, you will need to install Zimbra Desktop from this link.

1. Once you have downloaded the Zimbra Desktop, you can now extract the contents and begin the installation. Select the Setup.EXE file and the Zimbra Desktop Wizard will begin. Choose Next to continue.

2. Agree to the End-User agreement and select Next.

3. By default, the program will be installed in your Program files . Choose Change, if a more desirable location is needed. Select Next to continue.

4. You are now ready to install the Zimbra Desktop. Select Install to continue.

5. The installation is now complete. Select "Launch Zimbra Desktop" to have it configured by choosing Finish.

6. Launching the Zimbra Desktop will automatically bring you to the account configuration setting . Under the Add New Account tab, select Zimbra as the account type.

7. When configuring the Zimbra account, fill in all the required information below. When complete, select Validate and Save.

- Account Name: (Optional).
- Email Address: Your Principle E-mail Address.
- Password: The log in password for your Zimbra Mailbox.
- Incoming Server:
- Port: 443
- Security: SSL