Would you like information on how to compose an email using HTML? When composing a new email in Zimbra, you may notice that you may not have the option to change your font size, color, etc. If you would like to have these options, please follow these steps.

1. Open your Zimbra Desktop Client by selecting you desktop shortcut.

2. From within the Zimbra Desktop, select the drop down arrow next to New and choose Message.

3. From within the message ribbon, click the Options button and choose Format as HTML.

Note: The Zimbra Desktop clinet by defualt is set to compose messages as 'Plain Text'. To set all newly composed messages to use HTML or change default font settings, styles, size and color format, perform the following steps.

1. Select the Preferences Tab.

2. From within the left side panel, choose Composing. The composing message options will appear in the center frame.