The following article will show you how to add a customized logo to your Control Panel. This type of branding will give your control panel a unique feel.

Logo Configuration

As a Private Label Partner you can brand your Control Panel by uploading your own logo URL. The image will be required to be uploaded to an image hosted provider so the image can be viewed publicly. The requirements for the image are as follows:

· Image should have a solid white background.

· Image should not exceed a width of 200 pixels or height of 75 pixels.

· Image should be in JPG or PNG formats.

· Only one image can be uploaded.

The following steps are performed in the partner view of your control panel.

  1. Under the 'My Menu' section, click Partner Configuration.
  2. Click 'Branding'
  3. Enter the image URL into the logo path field.
  4. Partner Color. This new feature allows further branding by allowing partners to adjust their control panel color scheme.
  5. Click the Save Settings button to add your logo to the control panel. the logo will appear in the upper left corner of the control panel.