Filtering applies a set of matching rules to incoming/outgoing E-mail and then executes a specified action. You can filter your E- mail messages to sort into folders, automatically tagged, forward them to other users or contacts, even discarding them. For example, you could create a rule as follows:

* All mail from your supervisor goes in "Management Directives" folder.

* All mail from the "corporate-events" mailing list is tagged with the "Events" tag.

Creating or Editing a New Filtering Rule

1. Open your Zimbra Desktop Client by selecting you desktop shortcut.

2. Select the Preferences Tab.

3. Click the Filtering options located in the left panel. Choose New Filter to begin creating a new message filter.

4. Begin by typing in the desired Filter Name. Each filter can be set to react to Any of the conditions set or All set conditions. The image example is a configured filter designed to search for a specific address.

  • Any conditions means that if any of the conditions in the filter are met, apply the action.
  • All conditions means that all of the conditions in the filter must be met in order to apply the filter action.
  • The first drop-down list contains the field being used for our filtering condition. In our Example we chose the From field.
  • The second drop-down contains additional condition settings pertaining to the previously selected options. Since the From field was selected, you now need to choose how the filter will use the contents in that field. For example, "Contains" or "Matches Exactly" could be shown as the condition.
  • Since the filter conditions are set to contents found in the From field, of an E-mail message, the third field will need to contain the Senders Address or Display Name.

Note: The above steps can be repeated to set up multiple Conditions to be met from within a single filter. Click the plus sign (+) to add more conditions.

5. Once the conditions have been set, it is time to set the actions taken once the filter locates matching conditions. In our Example, we chose to simply move the E-mail message into a specific folder.

  • The first action drop-down choosing File into Folder will move the E-mail, matching the configured filter conditions, into the desired folder.

Note: The above steps can be repeated to set up multiple actions to occur once the filtering conditions are met. Click the plus sign (+) to add more actions.

6. Click OK to create the filter.