You can add additional accounts, such as an IMAP account, to your Zimbra Desktop client. This Article will give you step by step instruction on how to set up this account type.

1. Open your Zimbra Desktop Client by selecting you desktop shortcut.

2. Located in the top right hand corner, select Setup.

Note: You maybe prompted with a confirmation dialog box. Choose OK to continue.

3. Select Add New Account and within the Account Type drop down window, please select IMAP.

4. After selecting the account type, fill in All of the fields as they are required for completing your additional account:

  • Account Name: (Example; IMAP account)
  • Your Full Name: Your full name
  • Email Address: Your Full Email address
  • User Name: Your Full Email Address
  • Password: The associated password to the account
  • Incoming Mail Server: (
  • Select "Use SSL encryption when accessing this server."
  • SMTP mail Server: (Select "Use SSL encryption when accessing this server.")
  • Select " Username and password required to send mail." A new section will unlock fill in the user name and password as shown above.

5. Once all of the form fields have been properly configured, select Validate and Save. This will process the account.

Note: Processing and synchronization can take up to several minutes.