VM Ware Zimbra has released the Zimbra Desktop version 7.0.1 for both MAC OS X and Windows operating systems. The following article contains information on how to obtain the new desktop client and install it.
Note: The Zimbra Desktop Client is compatible with Windwos XP, Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS X 10.6.

1. You can obtain the new Zimbra 7 desktop client from www.zimbra.com.

2. Click on the MAC download button and save it. Once the application has been saved, double click on the Zimbra file.

3. When following the installation process you will need to select your primary language and agree to the terms of use. Selecting continue will install the Zimbra Desktop Client.

How to configure the Zimbra Desktop

1. Double Click the Zimbra Desktop Icon to open the Zimbra Desktop.

2. When the Zimbra desktop first initializes, you are presented with instructions on how to access your account. Select Add New Account to configure your Zimbra Account.

3. Choose Microsoft Exchange IMAP as the account type.

4. You will need to fill in the following information to configure your Zimbra Account:

- Account Name: Example; Exchange Account.
- Your Full Name: First and Last name.
- Email Address: Your full email address.

5. Fill in the following information for receiving Mail:

- User Name: This is your Full Email Address.
- Password: The login password for your account.
- Incoming Server: mail.zimbraservice.com
- Security: SSL: This will automatically change the incoming server port to 993.

6. Fill in the following for Sending Mail:

- SMTP Server: mail.zimbraservice.com
- Security: Check Use SSL encryption.
- Authentication: Check username and password require to send Email

7. You can adjust the synchronization settings on how Zimbra desktop will check for new messages. This setting can be set to every minute or as long as every 12 hours.

8. Once completed select Validate and Save.