This article illustrates how to create a new report using the integrated Report Wizard.

1. Log into your CRM tenant using an administrative level user.

2. From within the navigation ribbon, click the drop-down menu next to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and choose Services.

3. From the Services drop-down menu, scroll right and choose Reports.

4. To create a new Report, you will need to click on +NEW button in the upper left hand corner. This will open a new reports window. Click the Report Wizard to begin creating your report.

5. In the Report Wizard, leave the option Start a New Report selected, and click Next to move on to the Report Properties.

Enter the Name and Description of the report, and specify which Record Types the report will use. Click Next to continue onto Selecting the Records to Include in the Report.

7. In the Report Filtering Criteria section, you have the opportunity to begin customizing the report you wish to generate. Based on the Report Criteria, set the Used Saved View from the drop down list.Once the view has been choose, begin adding the Fields that will be populated within the report. Selecting Next to continue to Field Layout.

8. The Lay Out Fields window allows you to set which fields Grouping and Columns that will be displayed when the report is generated. The report can only hold up to three groupings but as many columns that fit within the printed page area. Once you have completed your layout, Click Next to continue.

9. When Formatting a Report, you have the choice to display your customized report as a Table or Chart and Table variation. Choose which best fits your needs and Click Next.

10. You are done creating your report. The Report Summary will show your customized groupings and is your last chance to make any last minute corrections or additions to your report. You will complete the wizard by selecting Finish.