Our customers may now make secure online payments through Quickbooks Online. Please note that QuickBooks Online is merely a secure place to store a customer's payment information and is not a fully functioning online "Wallet". 

 To make a payment online, the user will need to use the following workflow:

1. Invoices are generated through automatic systems and will arrive to the designated email address that is on file. An example of this invoice email is as follows:


2. A copy of the invoice will be attached to the email.  You may also download a copy by clicking on the Download PDF button.

3. To submit payment, select 'Pay Invoice'.

4. Once 'Pay Invoice' has been selected, the user will then be taken to to a secure website in order to enter the payment details. An example of the payment screen is as follows:

5. The user will then be prompted to enter in the appropriate Credit Card information. By default, the information will be retained for recurring payments.

6. After selecting 'Make Payment', the payment will be processed and the user will receive the payment confirmation:

7. Your payment information will now be stored for automatic recurrence.  If you would like to opt-out of automatic recurring payments, please contact our billing team. If an error in the processing payment has occurred, the user will then be prompted to review the information and either submit new payment information or correct the fields that have encountered the error.

If your attempt to pay an invoice is declined:

1. The information you entered may not match what your bank has on file.

2. The amount of the transaction is larger than the current limit set by your card issuer or bank.

Before contacting your financial institution, try these steps:

1. Double check any manually entered information on the payment screen.

2. Make sure the payment amount is smaller than the limit set by your card issuer or bank.

3. If your payment is still declined, contact your financial institution.